Welcome to Carol’s Tiny Tots!

Carol’s Tiny Tots is not just a home daycare, it’s a home away from home. We pride ourselves on being a place where children feel cared for and secure, and where parents can feel relaxed, supported and involved.

We believe the quality of a child care center will always depend on three things:
•    A strong developmentally-appropriate curriculum
•    A provider/staff capable of putting it into action
•    Parent partnership and involvement

Children process the world around them in different ways at each stage of their development. They learn best if they are being taught in a way that fits their current level of development. Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum allows children to spend much of their time at self-chosen activities, inside the activity center and outdoors. In all cases, they are carefully guided and encouraged.

We provide a diverse array of learning experiences in such areas as language development, reading readiness, art, music, science, problem solving, self-expression, cause and effect awareness, and concept learning. Children are exposed to a great variety of materials, both natural and man-made, and are encouraged to observe, handle and experiment.