Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00a Arrival/Free Choice/Potty Time
(after breakfast children may choose to read, color, puzzles or manipulative play)

9:00-9:30a Circle Time
(story time, finger play music and message of the day)

9:30-9:45a Potty Time/Snack Time/Outside Time
(gross motor activity, or child can choose to read a book or do art work outside)

10:30 -11:00a Teacher-Directed Activity
(focus on curriculum theme)

11:00-11:30a Potty Time/Group Time
(numbers, colors, letters, story time, singing and dancing)

11:30a-12:00p Lunch

12:00-12:30p Free play choice of centers or activity

12:30- 2:30p Potty Time/Nap Time or Rest Time

2:30- 3:00p Snack/Potty Time/Small Group Activities

3:00-4:00p Story Time/Outside Time
(gross motor activity or child can choose to do art work outside)

4:30 -5:30p Free Choices/Clean Up and Departure